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7P integrated heat pump dryer for okra


Project location: Malaysia

Project scale: okra base with the size of 300 mus, and the daily treatment of flowers is 300 kg

Drying material: Okra

Machines used in the project: 4 sets of 7p integrated heat pump dryers with rear air supply

Project introduction

The project is located in a biotechnology company in Malaysia. The company has a high-quality okra base with nearly 300 mus. The main product is okra flower tea. The customer’s original equipment is a 60kw microwave drying line, whose output and efficiency is very low, and has high energy consumption. 4 people are required for 24-hour production. The final drying cost of each catty of the dried flowers is RMB 26, in addition, the machine will cost RMB 20,000 to 30,000 for accessory replacement and maintenance per year.

After the okra base was fully completed, the production volume could not keep up, thus the company want to buy an air energy dryer for drying okra. In the past two years, 4 sets of air energy heat pump drying rooms have been successively installed for drying fresh okra. The size of the drying room is 5.2 X 2.5 X 2.2m, which adopts a 7P integrated drying and dehumidification machine for use. At present, the operating conditions are good, and there is no quality problem except for routine maintenance, and the customer is quite satisfied with Shuntec dryer.

The project design solution for Shuntec dryer for okra:

The customer requires to process 300kg of flowers per day. The paving density for the consumer is 2.5kg/㎡, the total area of the pallet is 120 ㎡, and the cart is 15 layers. Therefore, the area of each layer should be 8㎡, which means that the clear space of the warehouse is only 8 ㎡.The size of the drying room could be calculated according to the equipment which has been adopted by the consumer.

According to the water content of the okra, the actual dehydration amount is 11/12 X300=275kg, thus the dehumidification amount per hour is 275÷14=19.6kg. During the drying process of the okra flower, the drying speed of the flower stem is quite slow because there are fruit in the flower stem. Therefore, the drying process needs to stop intermittently. After the water comes out, dehumidify or dehumidify should be conducted. If the effective dehumidification time of our equipment is calculated as 80%, according to the calculation formula (275÷(14 X80%)=24.5kg), a mainframe with a dehumidification capacity of more than 25kg should be selected. The fan is configured according to the size of the warehouse and the type of the main equipment.


Project process introduction of Shuntec dryer for okra

Stage 12 hoursKeep at 45℃Take away the waters on the surface, gradually heat up from the outside to inside of the okra
Stage 23-12hours45-60℃Stop the machine for every 2 hours, and downtime shall not exceed 20 mins for each time
Stage 32 hours65℃Rapidly drying and increasing the aroma

The operating cost of Shuntec dryer for okra

Processing 300kg of fresh fruit will take 18 hours. The total energy consumption of the main equipment is 7kw X 12h=84kw, the electric auxiliary is 6kw X 4=24kw, and the total energy consumption is 108 kWh, including the energy consumption of the internal circulation fan.