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How We Process

There are mainly 6 processes when you contact and choose Shuntec as your Air energy heat pump dryer solution supplier.

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01 – Discover & Contact

This begins the minute you make a contact with Shuntec, no matter via phone, email, social network, or others, we will work to learn and understand your unique applications and requirements about the Air energy heat pump dryer machine. Then we will make a preliminary solution and develop a quote for you.

02 – Visiting & Meeting

It’s up to you to arrange a visit or meeting at Shuntec at your most convenient. Our engineers and sales will show you around in our factory or to our customers who are using our Air energy heat pump dryer machines. At the same time, it will be best for us if you can bring your product, workpiece, or sample, and clear us your specific requirements to form your product. Then our engineers will explain our preliminary solution in detail.

03 – Contract

After the preliminary solution and quotes are accepted, we will draft you a formal and official contract which will be confirmed and accepted by both parties. The contract will list all specifications of the dryer machine, as well as all sales conditions approved by both parties.

04 – Design

The design process begins as soon as the contract’s confirmed. Our engineers will design and draw you the Air energy heat pump dryer  diagrams including the structural drawings of the dryer  machine, as well as dryer and electrical drawings for your approval. At the same time, a processing file will be set up for quality management, to ensure that every step during machine-building holds with high standard and quality.

05 – Building & Testing

When the drawings are approved, the building of the Air energy heat pump dryer will begin. In this process, an updating file with pictures and videos will be provided throughout the building & testing process, which will let you know the production process in phases. When the assembly of the machine is finished, we will run the machine for a 24-hour continuous duration test and quality inspection before shipment.

06 – Ship & Service

At Shuntec, every dryer’s shipped with rigorous packaging, to protect thedryer from damage during transportation. In most cases, the dryers are “shipped ready to run”, which means the installation and operation for the dryer are simple. A papery and electrical guideline of installation, operation, and maintenance of the dryer will be offered to you, to ensure fast setup and easy operation. Oversea engineering service, support, and training are available.