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Summarizing drying techniques for each industry

Shuntec focuses on dryer manufacturing and drying solutions, which provides services for tons of individual users and corporate users over 24 years. Shuntec keeps summarizing drying techniques for each industry, even each material, and dedicates to making our dryers applied for different materials become more intelligent and automatic.

We will always provide the best technology

We are trying to provide the best and most cost-effective drying solution for every client. As our honorable client, the engineers of Shuntec will always keep in communication with you after they explored a better drying technique process of air energy heat pump, they will try their best to provide you with the advanced technique and to improve your production efficiency.

Providing Some of Shuntec’s drying techniques for materials

Some of Shuntec’s drying techniques for materials are as follows, you could search specific products at the search box. Please contact our engineering team for your specific drying requirements if you cannot find your products or materials over the exhibition area.


Feel Free to contact us with any technical questions you have regarding our products or our company.