Our heat pump technology

is special

Why Choose Shuntec

Thanks to years of engineering and manufacturing experience across dozens of industries and applications, we are confident to build every heat pump machine to your specifications and exceed your expectation.

A good heat pump machine is usually made in a professional facility.  A good machine design begins with good project management, mechanical, Air energy heat pump, and electrical design. Also, a good machine shares professional and rapid service by the aftermarket team. Shuntec’s entire engineering team is well versed in these areas which results in a high-quality heat pump machine with excellent technology, solid quality at a highly competitive price.


7500 sq meter manufacturing factory
Over 150 full-time employees
Machine equipment for CNC machining, turning, milling, drilling, boring


Talented technicians from a diverse mechanical background, including machine design, project management, and automation experience
Engineering and manufacturing experience across dozens of industries and applications
Shuntec dryer design begins with good project management, mechanical, Air energy heat pump, and electrical design
Tech service team 24 hours online for before and after projects service
Online commissioning, training, and video technical support
Fast-response aftersales service

Project Management

Every project has a project engineer working directly with customers from design throughout delivery
Reviewing the project application and determining deliverables proposals during an Engineering Kickoff Meeting.
Collaborating with our customers during the design process via online or in-person design reviews.
Improving the understanding of the unique application of our customers.
Compliance with a variety of customer-specific machine standards, such as CE, UL.
Managing process qualifications, runoffs on our floor (FAT), and delivery.

Mechanical Design

Application experience to select the correct power machines,  heat drying chambe
and accessories for loading materials.
Complex 3-D CAD modeling via SolidWorks Professional to ensure a robust dryer frame.
Material loader, conveyor, Draft direction  units used with dryer machine
evaporator and heat exchanger and condenser and compressor
Simulation of complicated machine installs and rigging

Electrical Design

Electrical design compliant with CE, UL, NFPA.
Safety code Compliance ANSI, CSA, and EN as well as pertinent OSHA standards.
Expertise with widely accepted and modern software such as:
PLC Programming – Allen Bradley (Rockwell Toolkit), Siemens (TIA Portal), etc.
Delta RMC Tools
Schematic design and panel layout using AutoCAD Electrical
Safety controls are as simple as a safety relay to full safety PLC solutions.

Parts & Components

Quality advantage of core components

Special compressor for high temperature
International brand electronic expansion valve
Fully automatic temperature and humidity controller
Hydrophilic corrugated fin evaporator/condenser
Axial circulation fan
Magnesium aluminum alloy fan
Intelligent automatic defrosting

Custom-made drying system

Drying room and material rack could be made to order according to customer’s requirements
Composition of drying room: integrated air energy unit, heat preservation drying room, circulating fan, controlling system, etc.
Drying room materials: it adopts a high-strength insulation board with a density of 12 kg /m³, the materials of the insulation boards are 50mm color steel foam sandwich plate or 304 stainless steel.
material trolley: users could use their own or choose our custom-made trolley, where the length, width, and height can be customized according to your requirements