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Our Customers

After years of development, Shuntec has established a wide range of customer relationships with domestic and overseas enterprises. Customers around the world rely on Shuntec equipment every day to overcome manufacturing challenges. From increasing production capacity to eliminating unplanned downtime, our custom hydraulic presses exist to ensure your success. We take the challenges, and provide our customers with dependable solutions for industries such as automobile, electronics, motor, die casting, plastic, research institutions, and so on. Together with them, and thanks to years of cross-industries experience, we are creating a better hydraulic press solution for any of your specific applications.

Mutual trust, mutual respect, and mutual benefit are the basis of our friendly partnership. Customer’s approval is our driving force to improve our service and upgrade our hydraulic press solution to a high level. Commitment, expertise, and dedication move Shuntec towards its mission of full customer satisfaction. We have the confidence to satisfy our customers with custom hydraulic press solutions. We believe that, with sincere cooperation and a whole-hearted attitude, we can win the best praise from our customers.


Kan, thank you very much for looking at this. We would very much appreciate the help in this. It is much more than we had anticipated. I want to let you know that we have many more production lines planned for later this year and hope to be able to work with your company on this.

Shuntec specializes in building custom dryers. We knew they could tailor a dryer to meet our requirements and help double the productivity as we require.

And Shuntec cooperation so long, your enthusiasm, careful, considerate service to our left a deep impression, and are well received by the employees, thank you for always to our support, hope we can hand in hand, create brilliance.