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Shuntec Co. Introduction

Shuntec Group Co. is a company specializing in investing the most valuable machinery equipment manufacturers in China, and focusing on global trade. The subsidiaries of Shuntec Group Co. include Shuntec (HK) Technology Limited, Guangzhou Shuntec Press Machinery Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Shuntec Air Source Heat Pump Machine Co., Ltd. With  the rich experience in the machinery equipment industry and solid capital strength, Shuntec promotes to diversify integration of the mechanical equipment industry and to operate global trade professionally, resulting in Shuntec enjoys high popularity and brand reputation in the global trade industry all over China and even Asia.

The production system of Shuntec includes: more than 70000 square meters of production workshops, and more than 1500 full-time employees. It is fully capable of responding to the growing global demand for customization machinery equipment and automation mechanical equipment. Meanwhile, Shuntec also provides excellent solutions, reliable technology and high quality equipment for global customers with good cost performance. We like to accept challenges. We are realizing what seems impossible in every day.

We are committed to promote domestic mechanical equipment manufacturers to meet the international technical standards. Shuntec is dedicated to provide complete and perfect solutions for global customers in the field of customization & automation production, helping our customers achieve success and contributing to the upgrading of Internet of things in the field of global production system.

First-class custom-fit solution, first-class quality and first-class service, “pursuing perfection” is our action standard, “Customers Success” is our business philosophy. We are trying to impress customers with absolute high-quality products and sincere service attitude! The strength casts brand, the quality makes the achievement of future!