Success Stories

Air Energy Drying Project of Beancurd Sticks

Brief Introduction

Project location: Jiangxi Province, China

Project Scale: 1000 kg per time in a drying room with 80 square meters

Materials: beancurd sticks

Type of machine: a set of 10-hp drying equipment unit

Project Description

The beancurd sticks drying base in Jiangxi province uses Shuntec heat pump drying units to establish a new benchmark for the use of heat pumps in the production industry of beancurd sticks, it used a set of 10-hp drying equipment unit with a polyurethane drying room of 80 square meters for operation.

Pushing the beancurd sticks, which are hung evenly on the material truck, into the air-energy heat pump drying room, and then start to set the intelligent parameter. The drying process of beancurd sticks are as follows:

The first step is preheating at 50℃-60℃.

The second step is the high-temperature drying process, which will remove a large amount of moisture , and the temperature is about 65 ℃.

The third step is the constant drying process, where the temperature shall be constantly be controlled at 60°C, the relative humidity is controlled below 50%, and the moisture is reduced to about 15%.

The fourth step is the cooling stage, the drying time is about 5 hours. The drying machine should be turned off when the water content of beancurd sticks is about 8%. The whole process is completed when the temperature becomes normal. By using Shuntec heat pump drying equipment, customers can enjoy fully automatic and temperature-controlled technology for drying, customers could drying beancurd sticks by a phased manner, and no longer need to manually guard the coal-fired boilers, and there is no need to worry about weather changes, which makes the customers very satisfied with Shuntec dryers.