Success Stories

Air Energy Drying Project of Dried Tangerine Peel

Brief Introductions

Project location: Jiangmen city, Gaungdong Province, China

Project scale: 500-1000 kg per time, with a Polyurethane drying room of 55 square meters

Materials: Dried tangerine peel

Type of machine: a set of 10-hp heat pump drying machine unit

Project Description

The power consumption of an air energy heat pump dryer running 20 hours is 1500 kwh, which generates 12900000 kcal and meets the requirement of heat-drying grain products. Such capacity, taking the Paddy rice as an example, could dry 24% moisture of 40000 kilos of grain and could get 36400 kilos of dried grain with 15% moisture which fits the standards for storage or for subsequent rice milling procedure.