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Air Energy Drying Project of Thailand Buddha Incense


Brief Introductions

Project location: Hainan province

Project scale: 10 tons of grain drying tower *4

Drying material: cereal

Quantity of Machines used in the Project: 16-grain dryers

Project Description

The drying base of Buddha incense in Thailand which uses Shuntec heat pump drying equipment units has becomes the new force of energy-saving in the drying field of Buddha incense. It uses a set of 14-hp heat pump drying equipment unit equipped with 1 polyurethane drying room of 100 square meters to run.

In the early stage, the intelligent control system of the heat pump dryer shall be started, the temperature shall be controlled at 45°C, while the humidity shall be controlled at 60% for 5-6 hours.

In the second stage, the drying temperature shall be controlled at about 50°C, the humidity is 60%, and shall be dried for about 3 hours.

In the third stage, the temperature will continue to rise and control at about 55°C, the humidity will be around 40%. After dried for about 1 hour, the finished dried products could be made. Buddha incense shall be dried mainly at medium and low temperature, and the entire drying process shall be completed in about 10 hours. The dried Buddha incense made by Shuntec dryer is dried evenly and durable.

Using Shuntec heat pump drying equipments allows the customers enjoy fully automatic and temperature-controlled technology for drying, the equipment could be operated in a phased manner, and customers do not need to be on duty manually. Meanwhile, the dried Buddha incense made by Shuntec dryer is straight and flexible, which makes customers very satisfied with Shuntec’s drying machines.