Air energy heat pump maintenance

Let me tell you today how to maintain the air energy heat pump:

1. Keep ventilation

The temperature in the south will not change much, but in places with four distinct seasons, the temperature will gradually drop. In order to ensure the good operation of the air, do not pile up sundries next to the machine, so as not to block the air inlet and outlet.

2. Keep it clean

After half a year of hard work, the air can produce a lot of impurities, bacteria, microorganisms, etc. to settle in the water tank. Over time, a hard-to-clean scale will form, which not only affects the heating efficiency but also corrodes the water tank and shortens the service life. Semi-annual cleaning is a must. In addition, it is also necessary to open the top cover, clean up the internal debris,wipe the dust on the evaporator and drain the tank.

3. Check and maintain

The human body needs regular physical examination, and the air source heat pump also needs your regular inspection and maintenance. Check the use of the power supply, whether the socket is loose, and whether the socket is dry; whether the heating efficiency of the unit is normal. If any problem is found, the staff should be notified in time to check and repair it.

4. Regular pressure relief

If the temperature drops, it will increase the time for the machine to heat the water. In case the overheating protection of the air energy water heater fails or the water pressure is too high, the pressure relief valve can ensure the safety of the unit. Avoid overheating the water or bursting the tank. Generally, pulling the PT valve handle for three to six months can ensure the normal pressure relief of the valve.