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Brown Sugar Air Energy Drying Project

Brief Introduction

Project location: Guilin city, Guangxi Province, China

Project scale: 1200-1500kg per time in a drying room with 50 square meters

Materials: brown sugar

Type of machine: 1 set of 14-hp drying equipment unit

Project Description

The drying base of brown sugar in Guilin, which is located at Guangxi province, uses Shuntec heat pump drying machines, which helps brown sugar manufacturers to solve the energy-saving drying problems. It used 1 set of 14-hp drying equipment unit, equipped with a polyurethane drying room of 50 square meters to run.

The drying process are as follows: Cutting the brown sugar bricks into squares and put them on the trays. It should be careful to keep the distance between the layers. After pushing the material trucks into the drying room, the temperature and humidity control system shall start. In the first hour, it can only heat up without dehumidification, because in the first stage of drying work, the humidity in the drying room is very low. The second stage shall set as the working mode for drying and dehumidification. The brown sugar dryer has a function for recovering wasted heat, thus the heat generated during the dehumidification process will re-participate in the heat cycling process of the drying room. No heat will be wasted during the dehumidification process, thus the operating cost has been fundamentally reduced. The Shuntec dryer could dry 1200-1500kg of brown sugars per time. Shuntec heat pump dryer could operated in a phased manner, which could achieve fully automatic and temperature-controlled technology for drying process, and manual duty is note required. Meanwhile, the dried brown sugar made by Shuntec dryer are in bright color and full of aroma, which makes customers very satisfied with Shuntec’s drying equipment.