Citrus tea, raw and dried PK

Citrus Puerh tea is made from Xinhui citrus peel known as “thousand-year ginseng and century-old tangerine peel” and Yunnan Pu’er tea, which is known as the beauty of tea, through special processing without any additives. Traditional citrus teas are dried in the sun. With the increase in market demand and the entry of technology, more and more processing plants have begun to adopt the drying mode to reduce the drying time and meet the market demand. However, with different drying modes, the quality of citrus tea varies greatly.

Anyone who understands citrus tea knows that citrus tea can be dried or dried. Raw sun-dried citrus tea has a mellow taste, retaining the original taste and nutrients of citrus tea as much as possible, and although the drying time is shortened, the aging time is also correspondingly reduced. Pu-erh tea will be worse, especially if it is dried at high temperatures, the nutrients will also be lost, which will affect the overall quality of citrus pu-tea.

Due to the differences in different drying methods, there are also certain differences in the quality of dried citrus tea. Raw sun-dried citrus puerh, because the volatile oil activity of the citrus peel is well preserved, the oil sac is more transparent, and the nutrients will be leached out stably when brewing; in addition, the rich vitamins contained in the skin and Pu’er tea can make it easier to be absorbed in the sun. The body absorbs it. In addition, raw sun-dried tangerines also have the effect of ultraviolet sterilization, which adds an additional layer of protection to health and safety. In addition, the color of raw and sun-dried citrus tea is more vivid, which is closer to the original color of citrus tea.

Although high-temperature drying improves efficiency, it relatively loses this process. High-temperature dried citrus tea is baked at high temperature, some of its nutrients are lost, and it also has a damaging effect on vitamins. The taste and taste are obviously not as good as raw sun-dried citrus tea, and the color is darker or even black. Sun-dried citrus tea is aged while being raw, so the taste is more mellow. The process of sun-drying is naturally mild, and the tea nature of the tea is relatively warm and mellow. Will get angry. However, high-temperature drying means that the fire is slightly heavier, the temperature is not enough, and it will have a bitter taste when drinking.

Compared with high-temperature drying, the quality of citrus tea will be better when dried at low temperature, because low-temperature drying is a mode of simulating sunlight, which retains the original taste and nutrients of Xiangpu tea as much as possible. At present, the drying method of citrus tea on the market mainly adopts low-temperature drying, and some dealers use high-temperature drying to reduce operating costs and drying time, but as long as people with certain experiences drink it, they will obviously feel the difference. the difference between those.

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