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Day-lily Air Energy Drying Project

Brief Introduction

Project location: Hunan Province, China

Project scale: a drying room with 60 square meters

Materials: day-lily

Type of machine: A set of 5-hp drying equipment unit

Project Description

The day-lily drying base in Qidong County, which are located at Hunan Province, uses Shuntec heat pump drying machines to solve the farmer’s problems, i.e. unable to control the firewood’s temperature for drying. It uses 1 set of 5-hp drying equipment units equipped with a polyurethane drying room of 60 square meters for operation.

The drying process are as follows: Putting a baking tray, which could holds day-lily 5 kg for each square, into a drying room with the temperature of 75 ℃. As the day-lily absorbs a lot of heat, the temperature of the drying room will drop to 60 ℃ -65 ℃ gradually. Keeping this temperature for 10-12 hours, and then let it naturally cool down to 50°C until the drying process finished. It should be noticed that dehumidification is necessary during the drying process, meanwhile, it should keep the relative humidity below 65% as well. After dehydration, the day-lily will not be brittle of you hold it tightly, and it will spread out naturally after you lose the grip. The daly-lily is better not to stick to each other. If the dried day-lily is exposed to enjoy a light of sunshine, the color can be much more bright and beautiful. Shuntec heat pump drying  equipment, which could be operated in a phased manner, allows the customers to enjoy fully automatic and temperature-controlled technology for drying process, and customers are no need to manually duty. Meanwhile, the dried day-lily made by Shuntec drying equipment has bright color and full of aroma, which makes customers very satisfied with Shuntec dryers.