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Drying equipment mesh belt coffee bean drying system


Project Location: Singapore

Project scale: Processing 5 tons of coffee beans per day

Drying material: coffee beans

Machine: 8 sets of 10P heat pump dryers, dynamic mesh belt drying system

Project Description

The customer requested to dry 4.5 tons of coffee beans per day, and the Shuntec drying system plan was made into a dynamic mesh belt.

It is 26 meters long and 3 meters wide, with a total of 4 floors. Equipped with 8 sets of 12P heat pump equipment, the total power is more than 200KW (including 100KW electric auxiliary), and the mesh belt is plastic.

Trial baking for 2 times, 5 tons each time, tile 2CM thick, bake three times, the first time you need to turn on the electric auxiliary heat, drying for a total of 10 hours.

The air temperature of the first layer is about 58-65, and the second layer drops to about 50 degrees. The first and second floors are equipped with 100 fans.