Success Stories

Drying Project of Golden Chrysanthemum in Huaihua City, Hunan Province

Brief Introduction

Project location: Hunan province, China

Project scale: 22500 kg for a single batch

Materials: golden chrysanthemum

Type of machine: 18 sets of 10-hp closed-loop dehumidification dryer unit

Project Description

18 sets of 10-hp closed-loop dehumidification dryer units were installed on site to process 22,500 kg of fresh golden chrysanthemum in a single batch. Each furnace, consists of 9 rack carts and 720 pallets, could process 1,250 kg per time. It costs 72 hours for drying. The drying air duct was designed with advective negative pressure, thus the air volume meet the requirements for drying but will not blow away the chrysanthemums. The heat circulation is very even. Shuntec equipment can satisfy those customers who have planted maximum of 400 acres of chrysanthemums. The drying process include withering, sweating, shrinking, shaping, and drying.