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Drying Project of Preserved Meat in Guangdong Province

Brief Introduction

Project location: Guangdong province, China

Project scale: a drying room with 100 m³

Materials: preserved meat

Type of machine: a set of 14-hp dryer unit

Project introduction

A well-known preserved sausage production and drying base in Guangzhou uses Shuntec heat pump dryer units to develop new process technology for preserved sausage. It uses 1 set of 14-hp dryer unit equipped with a polyurethane drying room with 100 square meter for operation.

During the drying and dehumidification proces of preserved meat, it not only needs to remove the moisture of the meat, but also has to retain the original color, fragrance, taste, shape and other sensory indicators to ensure that the preserved meat will not deteriorate or mold before the expiration date. All of these are related to drying and dehumidification process. Traditional drying method needs to rely on autumn breeze and natural sunlight. It usually takes 15 days to dry. If the weather is bad, the preserved meat will have a greasy smell, and improper handling would result in a heavy odor, which makes it easy to mold and deteriorate.


  1. Pre-heatingtreatment

After putting the bundled sausages into the heat pump drying room for 2 hours, the temperature quickly rises to 60°C-65°C without dehumidification. This process is mainly a fermentation process in order to maintain the color and taste of the meat. After the preheating, the temperature shall adjust to 45℃–50℃, and the humidity shall be controlled within the range of 50–55%. It should be noticed the temperature should not be too high because when the temperature is higher than 65℃, the sausage will drip oil. Moreover, if the drying temperature is higher than 68℃ for a long time, the sausage will be rotten.

  1. Getting into shape

It is very important to control the temperature in order to maintain a good color and make the sausage get into shape. The temperature usually shall be controlled at 52°C -54°C, the humidity is controlled at around 45%, and the drying time is controlled within 3-4 hours. The sausage gradually turns from light red to bright red , and then it begins to shrink naturally. At this time, you must be very careful about when the hard shell of the sausage would be appeared. The effect would be much more perfect if the sausages are dried alternately with cold and hot.

  1. Strengthen drying

At this stage, the temperature shall be restricted. In order to strengthen the drying speed, the temperature should be increased to 60°C-62°C, the drying time should be controlled within 10-12 hours, and the relative humidity should be controlled at about 38%. The humidity in the final drying stage shall be controlled below 17%.

After adjusted/controlled the above-mentioned drying equipment indicators, the dried sausage appeared a natural red with white fat inside, which has a uniform stripes with flexible bending. The cut surface of the dried preserved sausage is smooth and smells delicious. Shuntec drying machine not only improves the drying quality of sausages, but also increases the yield of preserved sausage. It saves time and effort to making preserved sausages, and drying is no longer affected by the weather. Using Shuntec heat pump dryer is operated in phased manner, which achieves fully automatic and temperature-controlled technology for drying, and a newly low-temperature technology to drying sausage has been achieved. The sausage dried by Shuntec has good color and aromatic, which makes customers very satisfied.