Fruit and vegetable dryers are indispensable for the popularity of dried fruits

After the fruit and vegetable dryer completes a processing operation, we must send personnel to clean the equipment and to check whether the equipment is abnormal, making sure the dryer can functioning properly. In addition, we should check the equipment from time to time in order to increase the durability and extend the service life of the equipment.

The professional name of box-type fruit dryer is called hot air circulation oven. As the name suggests, it is an oven. The fan forces hot air to circulate inside the studio, which has high thermal efficiency and saves lots of energy. It is usually composed of angle steel as the frame, cold steel reinforcement and internal and external stainless steel plates. The thermal insulation layer is filled with rock wool to ensure the thermal insulation performance and user’s safety. The hot air circulation oven uses a digital and intelligent display instrument and PID control system to control the temperature. The electric heating parts is usually installed on the top of the oven, and the forced circulation fan is installed on the upper right. Adjustable air-conditioning panels are installed on both sides to make the temperature in the oven more uniform and to make the drying degree of the materials to be consistent. The top will be equipped with a moisture-absorbing exhaust fan to regularly exhaust the water vapor in the box for the purpose of fastening the drying speed.

These types of drying equipment must be available on the production line, but the characteristics of each machine are different, therefore, we must firstly perform an idling test, and then start to use the machine under the condition that there is no abnormality in the equipment.

The fruit and vegetable dryer is mainly composed of material room, heating room, heating equipment, ventilation and dehumidification equipment and other parts. When using the equipment, firstly, hot air is generated from the heating chamber, and then the circulating fan sends the hot air into the material chamber. The hot air circulates among the materials to drying. The air generated in the heating chamber is pure hot air and will not contaminate the material.

Fruit and vegetable dryer adopts fully automatic computer control, which is easy to operate, and the drying time and drying temperature can be flexibly adjusted. The circulating fan in the dryer can force the hot air to circulate, which make the baking temperature uniformly and improve product quality. There are three types of ventilation and dehumidification equipment in the material room: top ventilation, bottom ventilation and side ventilation, which can be selected according to the user’s need. Multi-layer drying racks can also be placed in the material room, which helps increase production capacity.

During the operation process, the electric heating dryer is completely enclosed, and the external environment will not affect it. The hot air circulating in the machine will not escape, which improves the drying efficiency and saves energy costs. The dryer is heated by electric energy, the energy is green and environmental friendly, and it will not pollute the environment. In addition, the use of electrical energy can also reduce the safety hazards of open flames.

In addition to electric heating dryers, microwave dryers are also ideal for drying fruits. It uses microwaves or electromagnetic waves to dry materials. One of the advantages of the microwave dryer is that it does not require medium heating, and the penetration of electromagnetic waves can make it directly radiate into the material. The inside and outside of the material is heated at the same time. The thermal efficiency is high, and the drying speed can be greatly accelerated.

When the fruit and vegetable dryer is using equipment to process materials. In order to prevent excessive absorption of wet materials and to prevent from unstable production, it is necessary to calculate the humidity ratio of the inputted materials and the efficiency of the dryer. The feed volume should also be controlled to prevent excessive wear of equipment.