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Ganoderma Lucidum Air Energy Drying Project

Brief Introduction

Project location: Guangdong province, China

Project scale: a drying room of 100 square meters

Materials: Ganoderma lucidum

Type of machine: a set of 14-hp drying machine units

Project Description

Ganoderma lucidum drying base in Guangdong province uses Shuntec heat pump drying equipment units to solve the problem that the traditional coal-fired boilers for Ganoderma lucidum cannot dealt with, that is uncontrollable drying temperature. It uses a set of 14-hp drying machine units equipped with a polyurethane drying room of 98 square meters for operation.

Setting the temperature of the heat pump dryer to medium-high temperature firstly, and then dehydrating and drying for 2-3 hours, afterward, it should be dehydrated and dried at a temperature of 60C°-70C° for 8-12 hours. The entire drying process of Ganoderma lucidum should be completed at one time and shall avoid interruptions. Dehydration and drying process can be completed until the ganoderma lucidum’s cap become hard and the water content is lower than 13%. If it stops the drying process before it was completely dried, the Ganoderma lucidum is prone to mold and moth-eaten, and the selling price would be very low. On the contrary, if it is over-dried, the productivity of dried mushrooms will be low.

Shuntec heat pump dryer, which could operated in a phased manner, allows the consumers to experience fully automatic and temperature-controlled technology for drying, and they can complete the drying process without manual duty. As the dried Ganoderma lucidum have good color and full of aroma, the price is much higher than those ganoderma lucidum which are dried by traditional coal burning. As a result, Shuntec’s customers are very satisfied with Shuntec’s air energy drying machine.