Success Stories

Honeysuckle Drying Project in Hebei Province

Brief Introduction

Project location: Hebei province, China

Project scale: 500 kg per time

Materials: honeysuckle

Type of machine: a set of 14-hp Condensation dehumidification drying equipment

Project Description

In order to better improve the drying quality, a honeysuckle drying pilot project in Xingtai city, Hebei province, adopts Shuntec condensation and dehumidification drying equipment. The drying room, equipped with a set of 14-hp drying equipment, can dry 500 kg of fresh honeysuckle per time. The ratio of dry honeysuckle and fresh honeysuckle is about 1:5. The power of the whole set of equipment is 15KW (excluding the spare electric auxiliary heat). Assuming that the power consumption is full load of 15KW per hour on the condition that the drying is completed within 12-14 hours, and that the electricity fee is 0.6 RMB/kWh, the drying cost is about 117 yuan, which is converted to 0.0585 RMB for per kilogram.