How to choose accessories for the dryer and precautions for use

1.Pay attention to the “original accessories”: When purchasing the dryer, the user can require the manufacturer to equip with a set of wearing parts if conditions permit. The original accessories have the best compatibility with different dryer equipment in terms of material, size or quality.

2.Comparing the price of dryers: Many consumers are misled by various manufacturers and believe that the accessories of dryers are similar. As the fake and inferior products’craftsmanship is simpler and have low production cost, they tend to attract consumers at lower prices, and this is their temptation. Therefore, consumers should make a simple research on the market price of some machine parts. If the price is too different from the price in your impression, you should do more research.

3.Trying to buy the dryer’s accessories from the manufacturer where you originally purchased the equipment at the time, because their accessories and equipment are 100% matched. Do not go to a small factory to buy the dryer’s accessories. You will regret to use it although it is cheaper.

4.You should diligently observe and inspect the dryer’s operation condition from time to time, and should keep daily maintenance of the dryer equipment, so that our entire dryer production line can operate normally.