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Lycium Barbarum Air Energy Drying Project

Brief Introduction

Project location: Ningxia Province, China

Project scale: 1000-1250kg per time in a drying room with 100 square meters

Materials: Lycium barbarum

Type of machine: 2 sets of 10-hp heat pump drying equipment units

Project Description

Wolfberry drying base, which is located in Ningxia province, uses Shuntec heat pump drying equipment and becomes the new force of fully automatic heat pump drying process of wolfberry. It uses two sets of 10-hp heat pump drying equipment units with a polyurethane drying room of 100 square meters to run.

The drying process of wolfberry is as follows: After putting the wolfberry on the plate and pushing the truck into the drying room, the temperature could be adjusted by the control panel of the drying machine. The inlet air temperature is controlled at 55°C-60°C, the return air temperature is controlled at 40°C-45°C, the inlet air humidity is controlled at 35-45%, and the wind speed is controlled at About 0.20-0.35M/S. The drying time is controlled at 33-35 hours and the material can be completely dried afterwards.

Using Shuntec’s heat pump drying machine allows the customers to enjoy fully automati and temperature-controlled technology to dry, it could be operated in a phased manner and the customers no longer need to worry about unreasonable temperature control, and they are no need to be anxious about the low selling price because of the different quality of wolfberry products made by uncontrollable temperature. Lycium barbarum which are dried by Shuntec dryer keeps good color and good taste, so that customers are very satisfied with Shuntec drying machines.