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Municipal Sludge Drying Project

The sludge dehumidification & drying machine uses a dehumidification heat pump to condense and dry the sludge with hot air circulation;

90% of the heat supplied by the traditional thermal drying system for sludge is converted into the heat loss during the drying process.

Dehumidification and drying system recovers the latent heat of steam and the sensible heat of hot air, and no wasted heat has been discharged during the dehumidification and drying process.

Project Description

Comparison of advantages between low-temperature dehumidification and drying methods and traditional drying methods

projectTumble type (using the waste heat to dry)Turntable type(vertical type or horizontal type)Thin evaporator with belt dryingPaddle typeLow temperature dehumidification and drying
Drying temperature200-300℃>150℃>150℃>150℃40-80℃
Drying methodThermal convection (direct)Heat conduction (indirect)Heat conduction (indirect)Heat conduction (indirect)Hot air circulation
Heating methodHot air, vaporSteam,Thermal oilSteamSteam,Thermal oilHeat pump
Dust contentHighLowLowRelatively highnone
SecurityHigh water filling degree, high operating temperaturehigh operating temperature with nitrogenhigh operating temperaturehigh operating temperatureLow temperature
Waste disposal systemComplicated systemDeodorization systemDeodorization systemDeodorization systemnone
Mechanical frictionHighHighHighHighNone
Heat consumption(KJ/kg)3400280023002800None
Electricity consumption(Kwh/kg)