Success Stories

Noodle Drying Project of TOP 500 Chinese Enterprises (Wudeli Flour Group. Co.)

Brief Introduction

Project location: Hebei province, China

Project scale: 36000-40000 kg, daily output

Material: noodles

Type of Machines: 12 sets of 10-hp dryer unit

Project Description

Wudeli Flour Group Co. process dried noodles by using 12 sets of 10-hp Shuntec dryers, with a daily output of 36 tons (the maximum could up to 40 tons per day). Wudeli Flour Group Co. used natural gas boiler for drying at the first beginning, which costs 0.11 RMB for one kilogram of noodles. Nowadays, the noodles are dried by Shuntec heat pump dryers, and the energy consumption cost is only 0.06 RMB/kg. In addition, heat pump drying machine for noodles generally uses high-temperature water made by heat pump as the heat-transfer medium, the drying temperature is low, and the efficiency is not high. nowadays, Shuntec creatively uses hot air to dry and adopts closed-loop dehumidification mode, which is high efficiency, low energy consumption and very difficult to be influenced by surrounding environments.