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pepper Air Energy Drying Project

Brief Introduction

Project location: Guizhou Province, China

Project scale: a drying room of 105 square meters

Materials: pepper

Type of machine: a set of 14-hp drying equipment units

Project Description

The pepper drying base in Guizhou Province uses Shuntec heat pump drying equipment units to produce safe and pollution-free dried pepper by mass production. It uses a polyurethane drying room of 105 square meters equipped with a set of 14-hp drying equipment units for operation .

Due to the different quality and maturity of pepper, those pepper which are unsuitable for drying should be picked out before start to dry. The pepper shall be laid evenly, and the thickness is about 5 cm. The fresh pepper enters from the upper layer of the drying machine, and then it will be rolling over to the next layer until the drying process finished. The moisture content of fresh pepper are very high, which usually contains 75%-85% waters. Therefore, The pepper should be dried until the moisture content is down to 50%, and then the second drying process will be carried out.

The drying temperature of pepper could be adjusted at 60℃-80℃. Nowadays, drying peppers in a phased manner is a superior method for drying pepper. Drying peppers step by step has a great influence on the quality of the pepper, and also will affects the drying time and drying volume of peppers.

It is obvious that the pepper becomes softening and swelling during the drying process. The Shuntec dryer could keep the dried peppers have the same color and has a balanced moisture content. Using Shuntec heat pump dryer could operate in a phased manner, which allows customers to experience a fully automatic and temperature-controlled technology for dry. Meanwhile, the customers can complete the drying process without manual duty, and the dried peppers made by Shuntec dryers can keeps good color and full of aroma, which makes customers are very satisfied.