Success Stories

Plum Drying Project with Shuntec heat pump dryer

Brief Introduction

Project location: Fujian Province, China

Project Scale: 7 drying rooms, 5000kg per time in a single drying room

Materials: Plum

Type of machine: 14 sets of condensed dehumidification & drying equipment

Project introduction

In recent years, due to the humid climate and frequent rainy seasons, the fresh fruits cannot be able to dry by the sunshine or cannot reach the moisture standards for safe storage, which makes the fruits prone to mildew. As a result, the villagers can only pour the rotten and spoiled fresh fruits into the rivers for disposal. This would not only cause waste, but also would result in unnecessary environment pollution. In order to solve this problem, Fuda Village of Pinghu Town in Fujian Province, the large-scale intensive production area of Chinese Furong plum, uses Shuntec air energy heat pump drying equipment to process fresh fruit into dried fruit, which increased the utilization rate of fresh fruit and increased villagers’ income as well. The project not only substantially increases Fuda Village and its farmers’ incomes, but also promotes deep processing of Gutian Furong plum. Nowadays, Fuda Village has expanding the development scale and becoming a leader in the production industry of Furong plum.

Utility of Production

The Fujian Plum Project is equipped with 14 sets of condensation dehumidification drying equipment and 7 drying rooms. Each set of equipment can dry fresh plums at the same time, which could dry 5000kg in total. The dry and fresh ratio is about 1:4. The total power of the whole sets of equipment is 61kw (Excluding standby electric auxiliary heat), the power consumption is calculated based on the full load of 61kw per hour on the condition that the drying is completed within 24 hours. The electricity fee is 0.5 RMB/kWh, and the drying cost is about RMB 732, i.e 0.1646 RMB/kg. The customer’s daily drying requirement, that is drying 50,000kg of fresh fruit, could be realized by Shuntec dryers. It is a significant cornerstone for Fujian to become the leader in the plum industrialization.