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Closed Dehumidification Dryer with Lateral Supply

Product Description

Model: AHDZ 026-ZD/AHDZ 052-ZD

Type: closed and dehumidification type

Structure: integrated lateral supply

Dehumidification capacity: 26kg/h, / 52kg/h

Application field: it mainly used for drying food, flowers, Chinese herb and aquatic products, and could be widely used in industry area as well.

The core advantages of Shuntec air heat pump drying machine

1.It adopts circulating fan which has large air volume and high temperature resistant, the drying speed is very fast.

2.Fully enclosed drying method, which could reduce heat loss and energy consumption

3.Internal circulation heating is adopted to heat the materials evenly

4.The intelligent control system can set the temperature of the drying room and the running time of the fan freely.

5.No pollution emissions, safety, energy conservation and environmental protection

6.The moisture of materials with high nutritional value can be reserved.

7.Only water is discharged, there is no energy loss and 100% energy recovery. Therefore, the efficiency is very high. The working efficiency has nothing to do with the external temperature and humidity. It always maintains high energy efficiency throughout the year and is suitable for any climatic conditions.

8.The external dust cannot enters, it is absolutely hygienic and could reaches the cleanliness level equals to drug grade. The effective components of the dried food will not lose, which greatly improves the quality and grade of the dried products. It can realize rapid drying at low-temperature condition. In addition, the uniform strong wind convection ensure that there is no water film on the surface of the dried materials, which keeps low humidity in the drying room, and ensures that the dried food will not become mouldy or be deteriorated during the drying process. There is no need to turn over the materials, which saves labor costs and does not damage the efficacy and appearance of the dried articles.

9.The drying unit adopts built-in or integrated design, which is easy to install and with stable performance. It is a compatible machine which could connect single, networking or network connection. It is a full intelligent control system, which could realize remote monitoring, in addition, it also could program the temperature, humidity and time control, and could realize segmented automatic control.

Parameters for integrated heat pump dryer with dehumidification function

Application range

Drying typeDrying and dehumidification
Operating temperature range/
Drying temperature range30~75℃

Outdoor machine

Unit typeAHDZ026-ZD052-ZD
Dehydration content(50℃80%)kg/h2652
Dehydration content(50℃50%)kg/h1530
Input powerkW9.519
Operating electricity currentA16.833.2
Power formV/ph/Hz380/3/50
Compressor type/High temperature, enthalpy increased, and fully enclosed vortex type
Temperature control accuracy of drying room±1
The number of compressorset12
Fan powerkW1.53
Electric heating powerkW612
Net weightkg275445

Standard test conditions: ambient dry bulb temperature 20°C, wet bulb temperature 15°C, drying barn dry-bulb temperature 50°C;
The amount of dehumidification is calibrated under standard test conditions and will vary due to changes in indoor and outdoor wet-bulb temperatures;
Models, parameters, and performance are subject to change due to product improvements without notice. The specific parameters are subject to the product

Custom-made drying system

1.Drying room and material rack could be made to order according to customer’s requirements

2.Composition of drying room: integrated air energy unit, heat preservation drying room, circulating fan, controlling system, etc.

3.Drying room materials: it adopts a high-strength insulation board with a density of 12 kg /m³, the materials of the insulation boards are 50mm color steel foam sandwich plate or 304 stainless steel.

4.material trolley: users could use their own or choose our custom-made trolley, where the length, width, and height can be customized according to your requirements

Intelligent integral heat pump drying system principle

The closed-loop dryer can directly condense the hot and humid air in the drying room into water through the condensation dehumidification device. The drying room should be relatively closed, and the air in the drying room shall not contact the outside world. In order to reduce the air humidity in the drying room, the moisture in the humid and hot air is condensed into water and discharged completely through the refrigeration system in the drying room.

Working principle diagram

Drying method

The equipment unit removes moisture by internal circulation in the drying room, and it uses the latent heat of water condensation to heating the air in the drying room. When the dehumidification capacity of the unit is insufficient, the dehumidification fan can also be used to remove moisture at the same time.


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