The role of air energy heat pump installation buffer water tank

Recently, some users asked what is the function of the buffer water tank of the air energy heat pump. Do you want to use a buffer tank? The buffer water tank is a necessity of the system and cannot be lacking, because it plays a vital role in the whole system. Let me focus on it for everyone.

1. If the buffer water tank is not used, it will cause the air source heat pump host to start and stop frequently. Due to the limited amount of circulating water in the loop, it will reach the design temperature in a short time, and the host will stop working, and then in a short period of time, the water temperature will reach the starting condition of the host, and the host will start again. , such frequent startups will greatly reduce the service life of the host and waste power. Because the host consumes the most electricity when it is started, the addition of the buffer water tank is equivalent to an increase in system energy, the temperature of the system changes steadily, the number of starts of the air source heat pump host is naturally reduced, and the service life is greatly extended.

Especially in the rural coal-to-electricity project, I still suggest that the buffer water tank can be appropriately enlarged, and the effect is quite obvious. It turned out that a machine was installed in the countryside, and a small buffer water tank, about 50 liters, was installed. The result was that the power consumption was astonishing, and power consumption reached 50 degrees per day.

Looking at the scene, it was found that because the wall is not insulated, the end uses a wind plate. As soon as the winding disk is turned on, the system cools down and the host starts. Because it is equipped with an air energy heat pump unit 5p, once it is started, the main engine will reach the design temperature immediately, and it will be shut down immediately. Such frequent starts will cause serious waste of electrical energy. Later, a 200-liter water tank was added, and it was started once an hour on average, which greatly reduced the cost. The same is true for a piece of equipment we installed ourselves. In a 137-square-meter residential building, an air source heat pump 5p unit was installed as a test. After adding a buffer water tank, it basically started every hour and a half. Twenty-five degrees of electricity are consumed per square meter.

2. Efficient defrosting and short defrosting time. When used in severe winter, especially between -3°C and 5°C, at this time, the main unit of the air source heat pump is obviously frosted, and the impact of defrosting on the indoor temperature is a very troublesome problem. Because the unit needs to consume the heat in the pipeline during reverse cooling, if the water volume of the water system is small, the defrosting time will be increased, and the water temperature in the pipeline will be low, resulting in a poor defrosting effect. If a buffer water tank is installed, during the defrosting process, because there is a certain temperature in the water tank, the defrosting can be completed in a short time, and the heat consumption is also small, which avoids the indoor temperature caused by the defrosting of the host. Fluctuation changes have a great effect on the terminal effect of stabilizing the system.

3. It can ensure the smooth water flow of the system, complete automatic exhaust, and prevent the unit from reporting failure. We know that when the water tank is placed in the water return system, the circulating water enters from the upper part of the water tank and is discharged from the lower part so that the gas in the water will accumulate in the upper space of the water tank, and the pressure in the closed system will automatically force the gas to be discharged from the upper exhaust valve In this way, the water outlet at the bottom of the buffer tank is connected to the suction port of the water tank because there is no gas, so not only can the impeller of the water pump be protected, but also the system can be free of gas to ensure the normal operation of the air energy heat pump host. If there is no buffer water tank, the flow switch of the main engine may sometimes malfunction and high-pressure alarm due to the existence of gas.

4. It can make the sewage of the system more thorough and prevent the system from being blocked. There are a lot of impurities in our system, and these impurities will slowly accumulate at the bottom of the buffer tank through circulation. When passing through the Y-type filter, the water quality of the water pump will become better, thereby reducing the cleaning of the Y-type filter.

I know why the air energy heat pump buffer tank is a necessity. If the buffer tank is properly enlarged according to the actual situation, the buffer tank will also play the role of energy storage, and it will become an energy storage tank.