Success Stories

Tobacco Drying Project of China National Tobacco Corporation

Brief Introduction

Project location: Guangdong Province, China

Project scale:20 acres of land, 4000-5000 kg per time

Materials: tobacco

Type of machine: 8 sets of 14-hp tobacco-specific and all-in-one flue-curing equipment

Project Description

Changtan Town and Guangfu Town , located at Meizhou city of Guangdong province, have installed 8 sets of 14-hp tobacco-specific and all-in-one flue-curing equipment. These machines are easy to install and friendly-use. The drying process is data-based and in a phased manner, which is no need for manual duty. It is energy saving and environmental friendly. Comparing with other fuel-curing barns, the use costs of Shuntec drying machines are reduced by more than 50%. The barn was designed with a descending drying air duct with large air volume. The uniformity of the descending air duct is better than that of the traditional ascending air duct. The air volume meets the drying requirements and the heat circulation is much more even. The standard drying barn could processing 400kg-4500kg volumes of tobacco per time,which meets the drying volume for per quarter where the land scope is 20 acres. Shuntec drying equipment has been well received by many tobacco farmers.