Success Stories

Drying Project of Hybrid Rice Breeding Base in Hainan Province, China

Brief Introduction

Project Location: Yunnan province, China

Project scale: 5000 kg per time with a single drying room

Materials: walnut

Type of machine: 145 sets of 3-hp dryer units

Project Description

145 sets of Shuntec heat pump drying equipment were prepared for this project. It adopts integrated control methods to dry. In general, a single drying room can dry 5000kg of fresh walnuts. 500g of fresh walnuts could dried into 300g of dried walnuts, which is estimated that 3000kg of dried walnuts can be obtained in a single drying room. The power of the whole drying equipment is 18.4kw (excluding electric auxiliary heating). It will cost 52 hours for drying 5000kg of fresh walnuts. The electricity fee is 1 RMB/kWh, and the drying cost is about 960 RMB, which is equivalent to 80RMB/g. The Shuntec drying equipments were operated in a good condition, which received unanimous praise from customers.