Air source heat pump triple application supply (heating, cooling, domestic hot water)

The most basic requirement for a healthy and comfortable home environment is to be able to provide a comfortable ambient temperature and to provide domestic hot water at any time. Today, when energy is increasingly tight and energy conservation and carbon reduction are advocated, these two needs are contradictory and restrictive. , how can we find a relative balance point? Air source heat pump triple application supply is very good.

The air source heat pump triple application supply can achieve a system that can meet the needs of cooling, heating and domestic hot water, and its system COP can be as high as 4.8, which is quite energy-saving.

At present, the most advanced heat pump technology on the market is EVI jet enthalpy increasing technology and thermal defrosting technology. When the ambient temperature is lower than -24°C, there is no need for auxiliary heating, and -20°C can ensure that the water temperature of the heat pump is above 55°C.

When it is cold in summer, the operation mode of the entire triple supply system, the refrigerant evaporates from liquid to low-temperature and low-pressure gas due to continuous absorption of heat in the indoor air, and the gas becomes high-temperature and high-pressure through compression, and the released heat is heated After the exchanger, it is absorbed and heated by cold water. Since the specific volume of water is much larger than that of air, the efficiency of the condensing system can be improved and the purpose of heating cold water can be achieved.

In other seasons, since indoor cooling is not required, the whole system adopts the operation mode, the heat exchanger is changed from indoor to outdoor, so that the system transfers the heat in the outdoor air to the indoor and hot water system, so as to achieve heating (or heating) The goal.

One machine has multiple functions, intelligent control, convenient and trouble-free, intelligent furniture, no need to consider the selection and design and installation of other furniture, choose the air energy heat pump triple to easily solve the trouble of difficult selection.

The triple supply system effectively reduces the initial investment of the entire system, increases the annual effective operation time of the equipment, and effectively improves the comprehensive energy utilization efficiency of the system. However, the triple supply system is more complicated, and the professional requirements for equipment and installation are relatively high. If you need to use it, you must find a more professional enterprise.