Types Of Tobacco Dryers

When it comes to tobacco leaf dryer equipment, we basically think of air heat pump tobacco leaf dryer equipment, that is, tobacco leaf dryer equipment. Now tobacco leaves are basically used for drying tobacco leaves. For drying, the cost of drying in the previous tobacco dryer equipment is relatively high, and there will be pollutant gases discharged during drying, polluting the environment.

In response to this, our Shuntec’s heat pump dryer equipment has developed equipment specially used for drying tobacco leaves. Different equipment is applied to different places. Today we will learn about the types of tobacco leaf dryer equipment.

1. Split Tobacco Dryer

The so-called split tobacco drying mechanism is composed of indoor and outdoor units, and the whole unit is connected by a unit in the external drying room.

Features of split type tobacco leaf air energy heat pump dryer:

1). Low price: At present, the price of the split-type tobacco leaf dryer on the market is about 20% lower than that of the whole machine.

2). Installation: The split installation is complicated, which tests the manufacturer’s mastery of terminal technology.

3). Maintenance: Since the equipment and drying room of the split-type tobacco leaf dryer is slightly larger than the whole machine, the space reserved for each place is relatively large, and the maintenance is convenient.

4). Low noise: Due to the separation of the split machine installation unit and the drying room, both are ground contact and fixed.

5). Aesthetics: Pay attention to packaging the connecting pipes of the indoor unit and the outdoor unit properly to maintain the overall aesthetics.

2. The characteristics of the integrated tobacco dryer:

1). Easy installation: easy installation and demolition, small footprint, can be installed indoors and outdoors;

2). High efficiency and energy saving: It only needs to consume a small amount of electricity to absorb a lot of heat in the air, and the power consumption is only 1/3/1/4 of that of the heater; it is similar to coal, oil, and gas drying equipment. It can save about 75% of operating costs. 1 kWh is equal to 4 kWh.

3). Stable and reliable operation: The operation of the whole system is free from the dangers of flammability, explosion, and short circuit that may exist in traditional dryers (fuel, gas, or electric heating). It is a safe and reliable fully enclosed drying system.

4). Long use time and low maintenance cost: It is developed on the basis of traditional air-conditioning technology, with mature technology, stable and reliable performance, and long use time; safe and reliable operation, fully automatic without manual guarding, and intelligent control.

5). Convenient, 24-hour continuous drying operation.

3. The advantages of the opening and closing machine

1). It integrates open-loop and closed-loop functions, and integrates dehumidification, heating, refrigeration, dehumidification, and ventilation into an intelligent device, which is a new type of drying equipment for energy saving and emission reduction;

2). It can overcome the shortcomings of open and closed dryer systems and utilize their respective advantages;

3). Not affected by the ambient temperature, even in the ultra-low temperature environment, it can heat up quickly without electricity auxiliary heating;

4). It can collect 100% pure dew and extract the essence of pure dew;

5). The drying process is completely closed to prevent secondary pollution in the process, and the sanitary conditions are good.

Closed dryers are generally used for drying bacon, agricultural products, etc., and exist in the form of closed drying rooms, but ventilation ducts are installed. The open dryer is relatively closed, which is not a closed drying environment. The difference between the two is based on the specific drying materials.