Application of air energy heat pump: greenhouse heating

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and the changing seasons are the eternal iron laws of nature. Therefore, different vegetables and flowers will also wither and decay at certain times of the year due to time changes. However, human social life, whether it is viewing or eating, has a strong dependence on certain vegetables and flowers.

For the above reasons, greenhouses can be seen everywhere in our lives. I believe that you have seen many greenhouses in various places. However, it is one thing to have seen it, but the author guesses that everyone is still relatively unfamiliar with the heating of greenhouses. Especially in the northern region, where there is a world of ice and snow, and the temperature is below 0°C, how to keep the greenhouse at a constant temperature throughout the winter? The answer is simple, use an air energy heat pump.

When it comes to air energy heat pumps, everyone should be familiar with them, right? With the gradual acceleration of “coal-to-electricity” in recent years, air-source heat pumps, heating equipment with environmental protection and safety features, have also become the mainstream choice in the heating market. Although most of the “coal-to-electricity” is aimed at civilian heating, it also has a profound impact on the heating of greenhouses. Because heat pump heating is really effective, many greenhouse operators have begun to realize the advantages of air energy heat pumps in greenhouses. The use of heat pumps for greenhouse heating has become a “standard configuration.”

For example, the greenhouse heating project of the Fuxing Liangfan Center of the Beijing Fangshan District Garden Bureau uses Nyentec air energy heat pumps for heating. This project is a relatively large-scale engineering project, with a heating area of about 5,000 square meters. The project staff told the author that when they first considered the heating equipment, they chose the air energy heat pump without hesitation.

He explained: “Greenhouse heating, we mainly consider several aspects, one is cost, and the other is reliability. Let’s talk about cost first. In the past, some projects used to use coal for heating. But in fact, coal-fired heating has obvious shortcomings. , is an open flame. If there is a fire, you need to pay attention to safety issues at all times, otherwise, once a fire occurs, it will not only cause economic losses but also personal safety issues. As for the cost, of coal-fired heating, first of all, transportation is more troublesome, and you have to find a place to store a large amount of Coal is inconvenient. However, coal-fired heating has low thermal efficiency. To achieve heating of more than 8,000 square meters, the cost is not low. In contrast, air-source heat pumps have high heating efficiency and consume less power. When used with radiators, the cost is comparable to that of coal It is about the same. But it is safer, so it is obviously more sensible to choose air heating.”

Everyone knows that the popularity of “coal-to-electricity” has affected all aspects of society. Air energy heat pumps are also continuously infiltrating our lives and become an important part of our lives.