What kind of air conditioning system is an air source heat pump?

With the policy of changing coal to gas, more and more people choose clean heating, and air-energy heat pump air conditioners have been promoted and gradually entered everyone’s attention.

An air source heat pump is a device driven by a small amount of high-level electromagnetic energy, which converts the calorific value in the air into high-level energy as a low-level heat source. With the popularization of air-source heat pumps in vegetable greenhouses, many people who use air-source heat pumps and air conditioners are confused, and even air-source heat pumps are considered to be air conditioners, so what are the differences between air-source heat pumps and air conditioners?

1. The structure is different. The air source heat pump uses the refrigeration compressor of the heat pump unit, and the pressure exceeds 28, while the air conditioner pressure is only 18. Therefore, the air conditioner copper tube of the air source heat pump is thicker than the air conditioner. The air source heat pump can withstand the working temperature of 60°C, but the air conditioner can only reach 40°C.

2. The running time is different

Compared with air conditioners, air source heat pumps also have a very big difference in running time. When the air conditioner is cooling and heating, the daily working hours are longer, and the larger the area, the greater the energy lost. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the air conditioner consumes more power than the air source heat pump. After the heating and cooling of the air source heat pump are completed, the generator set will automatically stop running and enter the heat insulation mode. The running time of the engineering machine will generally not exceed 10 hours, taking the propulsion type as an example, so the air source heat pump needs to Save electricity than an air conditioner.

3. The working temperature regulations are different

The national standard requires that the air conditioner can work at a working temperature of 21°C-minus 7°C when heating, but the air source heat pump air conditioner can run smoothly at an ambient temperature of 43°C-minus 35°C, so the air source heat pump The internal structure specification is much higher than that of the air conditioner.