What are the requirements for arranging the dryer workshop? In order to improve the working efficiency of the dryer and prolong the service life of the equipment, in addition to improving the quality of the dryer, the layout of the dryer workshop is also very important. What are the specific requirements? The summary is as follows:

Feeding bin: In order to prevent blockage of wet and sticky materials in the feeding bin before drying, the feeding bin structure shall be reasonably designed, for example, it could be designed as an asymmetric geometry hopper, or could increase the inclination of the bucket wall and discharge port, or could add an activation cone or decompression plate in the fire compartment to prevent from arching, or could set a stabbing hole at the outlet. At the same time, it can also reduce the bin capacity (the amount for feeding shall be enough for the dryer to operate for 2 hours), reduce the bin pressure for the purpose of preventing material blockage, and design the size and form of the arch-breaking components according to the nature of the dried material for the purpose of feeding the dryer by the hopper.

Combustion chamber: Firstly, the form of combustion chamber shall be selected according to the quality, source, and dryer form of the fuels, combined with the factory conditions. For example, if the plant has the conditions for preparing pulverized coal, the pulverized coal combustion chamber can be comprehensively considered, whereas a boiling furnace can be used for producing inferior coal. Secondly, it is generally considered to set up an “air-flue gas” mixing chamber in the combustion chamber of the dryer and install a pyrometer to measure the temperature of flue gas and a cold air door to adjust the mixing amount of cold air. The wind barrier shall also be reasonably designed to avoid high-temperature flame directly burning to the end of the dryer barrel and to the feeding pipe. The feeding pipe is covered with heat-resistant concrete or is covered with a chute slipway made by bricks. In addition, the measures to reduce the leakage of cold air into the feeding pipe are conducive to improving the drying efficiency.

Drying heat system: the drying heat system includes three parts, i.e. combustion chamber, dryer, dust extraction, and ventilation system. The drying heat system shall meet the following requirements: firstly, the air combustion coefficient shall not be greater than 1.2; secondly, the wind speed at the cold end of the dryer shall not be greater than 3m / S; thirdly, the discharge port. set under the exhaust cover, shall install an airlock device; fourthly, the dust collector and ventilation exhaust pipe shall be provided with heat preservation installations and heat insulation installations. Heat insulation materials may not be used as long as the temperature of the dust removal system is higher than the dew point temperature.

The above-mentioned points are the main requirements for arranging the drying workshops. In a word, the workshop layout of the dryer should be compact and reasonable on the premise of meeting the production requirements. If it is a dryer plant, the general span can be 7-9 meters. When multiple dryers are arranged together, the center distance of dryers can be 6-7 meters. We must consider these details in the setting process of dryers, so as to lay a solid foundation for the efficient operation of dryers.