Heat Pump Dryer, Using technology to Keep Fresh

In the past two years, young consumers have become the main force of consumer in the field of health products. Chrysanthemum, Chinese wolfberry and other ingredients of flower and plant have become more and more popular among young people and you can always see these ingredients over their offices. Many of these common herbal teas in our life are processed by air energy heat pump dryer.

The golden chrysanthemum(in Chinese, 金丝黄菊) has high nutrition value, but the main problem during the deep processing is dehydration and preservation. Conventional processing methods mostly use natural spreading and drying, which may results in nutrient loss. The air energy frequency conversion dryer can achieve the following processing effects: it could keep the golden chrysanthemum from changing color, deteriorating, and could make it dries thoroughly. The golden chrysanthemum could keeps in good rehydration.,which means the dried fruits and vegetables could return to the original freshness after the water absorption, and has less loss of nutrients. The closed circulation of the equipment avoids impurity pollution caused by gas exchange with the outside world during the drying process of golden chrysanthemum, which effectively ensures the high quality of the products.