Difference Between Food Dryer and Oven

The difference between a food dryer and an oven: You must be no stranger to ovens, so do you know a food dryer? The food dryer actually uses the hot air circulation function. The principle is similar to natural sunlight drying, and the temperature is 0°-70 ° range. It can bake fruits, meat, vegetables, medicinal materials, etc. Basically any material can be dried, and the baked products are very good. The common dried food is dried sweet potato.

The oven is baked at a high temperature, and the electric oven is an electric heating appliance that uses the radiant heat emitted by the electric heating element to bake food. Using it, we can make roast chicken, roast duck, bake bread, cakes, etc. According to the different needs of baked food, the temperature of the electric oven can generally be adjusted in the range of 50-250℃.

The working principles of these two different devices are the same, and both use alternating currents to drive the heating tube to heat the ambient temperature of the workplace. The difference between the two lies in the heating temperature. The controlled temperature of the food dryer is between 35 and 75 degrees, and the control temperature of the oven is 50 to 250 degrees.

The choice is also relatively good. Homework ovens are fine. If you want to start a business, food dryers are suitable. Both are close to the living and working room.