The difference between a fungus dryer and traditional drying

According to modern scientific analysis, the content of protein, vitamins, and iron in dried black fungus is very high, and its protein contains a variety of amino acids, especially the content of lysine and leucine.

The traditional method of drying fungus in the sun is used. Due to the small development scale of farmers in my country, most of them use the method of drying black fungus in the sun. Although this method is low in cost, the quality of black fungus will be seriously affected on cloudy and rainy days. influences. So the problem of weather has also become a headache.

Drying process reference of fungus dryer

1. Wash the freshly picked black fungus with clean water, and put the black fungus on a plate.

2. Preheat the fungus dryer to about 50℃-55℃, then adjust the temperature to cool down, and evenly arrange the black fungus on the shelf of the dryer;

3. Set the drying temperature of black fungus at 35-40°C. After the black fungus is dried and heated, a large amount of water on the surface evaporates. Turn on the exhaust function of the fungus dryer at this time; then gradually reduce the temperature to 26°C. about 4 hours;

4. Starting from 26°C, the temperature of the fungus dryer intelligent PLC edits and controls the data to increase by about 3 to 4°C per hour, and the exhaust function is adjusted at about 10% relative air humidity for 5 to 8 hours; the temperature rises slowly to 50 Maintain a constant temperature at ℃ so that the upper and lower layers of black fungus have the same degree of drying;

5. After maintaining the constant temperature for 5 to 8 hours, increase the temperature to 55°C-60°C and then dry the whole; when the black fungus is dried 80%, take out the drying sieve and hang it for 2 hours, then continue to dry, and it will end after all the black fungus is dried.