Drying requirements and temperature requirements of lotus seed dryer

Lotus seeds, also known as lotus, water mushroom, lotus seed, lotus rice, lotus meat, etc., are the seeds of lotus, an aquatic herb of the Nymphaeaceae family. Lotus seeds also have medicinal effects. , nourish the heart, soothe the nerves and improve eyesight, nourish the middle and nourish the mind, invigorate the spleen and nourish the stomach, stop diarrhea and solidify essence, nourish kidney and astringent essence and stop the belt, etc. It can also treat loose stools, chronic dysentery, low back pain, and men’s spermatorrhea, and can also prevent premature birth, miscarriage, and pregnant women’s Backache and other functions.

Since the lotus seeds need to be preserved, the water needs to be removed, otherwise, the preservation time will not be too long. The traditional drying process is to dry in the sun. The current drying process is to use mechanical drying, so what are the requirements for drying and temperature? Woolen cloth?

1. Material selection requirements:

Before drying the lotus seeds, the lotus heart needs to be taken out, and the lotus heart can be made into lotus heart tea.

2. Temperature requirements:

(1) It is necessary to turn on the dryer in advance for preheating. When the preheating reaches 60C, put the lotus seeds that have been taken out of the lotus heart into it.

(2) After the lotus seeds are put in, the temperature of the drying room will drop rapidly to about 40°C. At this time, it is necessary to turn on the electric auxiliary for ten minutes, and then raise the temperature in the drying room to 60°C again.

3. Electric auxiliary requirements:

After the electric auxiliary is turned off, the air source heat pump gradually heats up based on 60C, reaches about 68C after half an hour, and reaches about 75C after an hour. After drying for two and a half hours, it enters the final stage of lotus seed drying. At this stage, it is necessary to increase the temperature in the drying room to about 90°C and turn on the electric auxiliary heating again. Half an hour later, the water content in the lotus seeds will drop to less than 20%.

4. Model selection requirements:

It is best to choose a 5P or 10P air heat pump dryer for the model. This model can generally dry 80-150 catties of lotus seeds. If the model is small, the temperature will not go up, which will cause the material to dry out.