Which way is the best way to dry the fruit? Shuntec answers for you

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, the total output of fruits and vegetables in my country was nearly 1 billion tons in 2014, of which the output of vegetables exceeded 700 million tons. However, at present, most of the fruit and vegetable consumption of Chinese residents stays in primary processing methods such as raw food and cooking in kitchens and restaurants, which also causes the annual loss of agricultural products in my country to reach 200 billion yuan.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, leisure food has quietly become the new darling of consumers, and dried fruits and vegetables are becoming more and more common. The emergence of dried fruits and vegetables not only enriches consumers’ taste buds but also provides a new business opportunity for my country’s fruit processing industry. It is understood that my country is the world’s largest producer and consumer of fruits and vegetables. In the application field of heat pump drying, fruits and vegetables are a large market. Compared with other drying equipment, heat pump drying has many advantages such as safety, energy saving, sanitation, environmental protection, and good drying quality, and has gradually become the first choice for drying fruits and vegetables.

Guangdong Shuntec Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. referred to as “AOBOTE (Shuntec)” is a green new energy enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, sales, and after-sales of heat pump drying products, as well as providing comprehensive drying and dehumidification solutions. It has a complete heat pump drying Dry machine product industry chain, currently has two machine and sheet metal production parts factories, with a plant area of 13,000 square meters, and its scale ranks among the best among similar enterprises. Shuntec drying heat pump has been successfully applied in 38 drying categories, accumulated 100 engineering cases, and accumulated drying technology experience in 72 industries.

In order to promote the application of heat pump drying products in the field of fruits and vegetables, Shuntec has launched a special dryer for fruits and vegetables – the Tiansuxing series. It is understood that this series of dryers is specially customized for drying fruits and vegetables. It has the characteristics of safety and reliability, high efficiency and power saving, green environmental protection, unattended, easy installation, simple operation, precise temperature control, and wide application.