Drying speed of the dryer for vegetables

Hot air is closed and circulated in the drying box, which can have high thermal efficiency and save energy. For the purpose of making the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the drying box small, the circulation should be continued. By using the Shuntec dryer for vegetables, the drying output will become large and saves a lot of fuel. In addition, the drying speed is fast, which has high thermal efficiency. The dried product has high medicinal efficiency and has a good color. The adjustable air distribution board should be put together to ensure that there is no monotony. According to the characteristics of vegetables, you can choose different technological processes and necessary auxiliary equipment to dry different kinds of vegetables.

The air temperature and humidity of the drying box are automatically controlled to ensure the appropriate temperature and humidity required for drying (including automatic heating, automatic moisture removal system, and automatic circulating air system). The drying time is automatically controlled, and the automatic processing is truly completed.

The drying speed is very fast, which is a more energy-saving vegetable drying equipment that replaces traditional dryers. The vegetable is better dried at 35-65℃. The dried vegetables, such as mushrooms, cucumber slices, and beans, keep a good color and have good nutrients and good rehydration capacity.

The drying machine has low noise, which could realize stable operation. The operating cost is low. It can stop the continuous consumption of large batches, and preserve the nutrients and colors of the products to the maximum extent. The inner tank of the dryer, including the heating system and circulation system, is all made of stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion, temperature-resistant and moisture-resistant.