Prevent the dryer from slipping during rotation

During the rotating process of the dryer, some materials in the dryer will gradually be in a drying state, and the materials inside will gradually lose moisture and achieve the drying effect. So how to prevent the equipment from sliding down during the rotating process?

1、adjust the angle according to the moisture content of the raw material and the rotation speed of the dryer. The normal angle is 3-6 degrees.

2、adjust the center line of the supporting roller and the cylinder and make these two center lines in a non-parallel condition when the equipment is installed and debugged to make it at a suitable angle. What is the inclination angle? When the supporting roller rotates, the cylinder will be affected by an axial sub-velocity, which is an axial force that offsets the sliding force of the cylinder, and the gravel line makes it difficult for the cylinder to move axially.

3、When adjusting the supporting roller, the direction and size of the angle between the rolling ring and the supporting roller should be adjusted correctly according to the requirements, otherwise it will cause the opposite effects and accelerate the slide. The friction between the dryer roller and the supporting roller, and the action of the stopper are also factors to prevent slippage.

Therefore, before using the dryer to dry materials, we must adjust the relevant angles, so that the equipment will not slide down during the entire rotation process. This is helpful for improving the use efficiency of the device.