Four ways to reduce the operating cost of dryers

What’s the approach to reduce the cost of the dryer? To reduce the production cost of the dryer, the heat source must be strictly controlled. To keep the dryer work normally, it cannot separate the raw materials from heat source. At present, there are many kinds of heat sources used by the dryer, which has a direct impact on the drying cost. The main heat sources used by the dryer are various combustion materials (such as coal, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, combustible chemical gas), water vapor, hot water, and electric power (such as dao oil). According to the analysis of drying experts, the following issues should be considered in the selection of the heat source of the dryer:

1.Under the premise of ensuring the drying quality, making corresponding analysis on the heating temperature and the cleanliness of the heat source according to the material to be dried and the quality requirements after drying.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the heat source is easy to control, so that you can control the stability of drying process.

2.The heat source should be easy to purchase, and the choice of heating materials should be adapted to local conditions. It is necessary to consider the cost of various heat sources and whether the fuel is easy to obtain.

3.Safety is much more important for the direct-fired heat source. Some dried materials are flammable, explosive or oxidized. The indirect heat exchange heat source is excellent choice for handling this kind of materials. The direct-fired type must have a special flame retardant or explosion-proof measures.

4.It must meets environmental protection requirements. Some burning heat sources will produce peculiar smell or smoke during the combustion process, which will produce pollution after being discharged into the atmosphere. This kind of heat source should be used with caution and should be equipped with different dust removal equipment.

The production cost of the drying equipment is closely related to the selected heat source and its utilization method. Therefore, the above 4 points should be strictly followed in selecting the heat source of the dryer, so as to effectively save the drying cost.