Intelligent + era of small electric pepper dryers has gradually been in line with the world

In the current “smart +” era, the domestic machinery production technology has gradually been in line with the world, especially the production level of small electric pepper dryers, which can basically be compared with the high and new technologies of Germany, the United States, Italy and other countries. Judging from the current market, domestic pepper dryer brands have been basically recognized by domestic users and friends, and most of them are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. The small electric chili dryer printed with the “Made in China” logo is deeply loved by users and friends in Brunei, Australia, Arabia, India, the Philippines, Bolivia, Australia, the United States, Nigeria, and other countries, and it reflects the domestic small electric chili. The global popularity of dryers.

The small electric hot pepper dryer developed by Shuntec Machinery adopts 360 degrees without dead ends to dry the peppers. The general drying time is about 18 hours. The peppers have obvious softening and swelling during the drying process. Section drying makes the chili oil penetrate to the surface, the color of the dried chili is consistent, rosy, and smooth, and the moisture content of the chili pepper tends to be balanced. With a small electric chili dryer, the average cost of drying chili is 2 cents per kilogram of dry goods (according to 70 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity, and the electricity fee is based on the local electricity fee). Different amounts of different varieties of peppers have slightly different drying times.

Advantages of small electric pepper dryer:

Advantage 1: High efficiency and energy saving: The energy efficiency ratio (COP) is 3.0 to 4.0, a one-kilowatt hour of electricity can release 3-4 kilowatt hours of heat energy, and only a small amount of operating electricity is needed;

Advantage 2: Environmental protection and energy saving: no need to burn coal, firewood, fuel oil, no harmful gas, wastewater, and waste residue are discharged during operation; pure hot air drying method, no pollution to materials;

Advantage 3: Flexible and convenient: easy to install, can be installed indoors and outdoors, and the design of the roasting room is completely tailor-made;

Advantage 4: The drying speed is fast and the quality is good. The heat preservation circulation convection drying method and the staged drying program make the temperature in the drying room more uniform, the drying speed is faster, and the quality can be better guaranteed;

Advantage five: high degree of intelligence, full automatic control, no need for special care;

Advantage 6: Long service life and low maintenance cost.

The quality of the product is one of the basic criteria to decide whether the user buys it or not. Only the good quality of the small electric heating pepper dryer can ensure the efficiency and stability of its later use. Shuntec Machinery is 100% recognized for this and has passed 20 Years of persistence and product quality checks. From the excellent selection of materials to the innovation of technology, to the ingenuity of workmanship, to the meticulous inspection of the finished product, Xinde Machinery has been more attentive and patient in every link and step to ensure that the products are more durable for users and friends. Longevity, high efficiency, high yield, intelligence, environmental protection, energy saving, easy operation, more diverse models, and more comprehensive choices.