Guizhou Tobacco Dryer Manufacturer

Which is the best tobacco dryer manufacturer in Guizhou? This is a very important question for farmers. This concerns their annual planting income, so where should we look at whether the tobacco leaves are roasted? What should be done to make the tobacco leaves well roasted, and what kind of equipment should be selected?

When curing tobacco leaves, it should be noted that the rate of yellowing and water loss of immature tobacco leaves and overripe tobacco leaves during curing is quite different from that of regular mature tobacco leaves. It is easy to be cured green, blackened, or fixed into variegated tobacco. It will have a serious impact on the quality of tobacco leaves. Therefore, accurate identification of the maturity of tobacco leaves and timely picking are the basic skills that tobacco farmers must master.

1. Test the method of drying tobacco leaves

1)The color-fixing stage should be done well. When the drying temperature reaches 42 °C, the leaves are all yellow, and when the drying temperature reaches 48 °C, the veins are all yellow.

2)The degree of dryness should reach: the leaves are semi-dry at 50°C, and the leaves are completely dry at 54°C.

3)The goal to be achieved in the yellowing stage of tobacco leaves is: the leaves collapse and become soft, and the yellowing reaches the blue veins of the reeds and the slight blue.

4)Dry tendon stage The main goal of the dry tendon phase is to ensure that the whole Kang tobacco leaves are completely dried and roasted, without wet tendons, wet flakes, and no tendon smearing.

2. The choice of equipment

If you want to dry tobacco leaves, then the editor recommends that you use a heat pump dryer. The heat pump mentioned here is essentially a heat-lifting device. The high-temperature heat pump dryer uses the inverse Carnot principle to absorb heat from the surrounding environment. , and pass it to the object to be heated (object with higher temperature), its working principle is opposed to the principle of the refrigeration mechanism, both work according to the principle of the reverse Carnot cycle, the difference is that the former increases the temperature and the latter decrease the temperature. First of all, heat pump drying has the effect of environmental protection, and secondly, the energy saving and energy efficiency ratio can reach 1 to 3, that is, an effect of outputting one degree of electricity can produce three degrees of electricity.

3. Introduction to device configuration

Split Tobacco Heat Pump Dryer

Model: AHRW 140S-U-ZY/AHRW 200S-U-ZY

Type: Tobacco Leaf Drying

Name: Special heat pump dryer for tobacco leaves

Structure: Split

Number of horses: 14P/20P