Why use coal slurry dryer?

Coal was very common in the past, but with modern environmental needs, “coal” has gradually withdrawn from the lives of the people, but it still exists in the industry, so today we will talk about coal slime dryer, coal is mud.

Coal in the past we are very common, but with the modern environmental needs, “coal” gradually withdrew from the life of the people, but the industry is still there, so today we talk about, coal slurry dryer, coal slurry what is it?

Coal slurry small introduction

Coal slurry refers to the semi-solid material formed by the water content of pulverized coal, which is simply a product of the coal generation process.

Composition of coal slurry dryer

The components of the coal slurry dryer that improve energy are an air heat pump, a scattering device for breaking up larger peat fast, and other equipment such as a loader, feeder, rotary drum, belt discharger, induced draft fan, discharger, and power distribution cabinet.

Why dry coal slurry

Coal sludge is highly humid and highly adhesive, so it is tough to dry without drying it. After drying, peat can be used as fuel, but in addition to being used as fuel, it can also be used as raw material for production; the specific ingredients contained in peat can be used as raw material for the chemical industry only after being dried, as additives to improve the performance of cement, etc.

The coal slurry dried by coal slurry dryer provides a lot of energy to our industrial boilers, and is used in the power plant casting industry to significantly improve the utilization rate of fuel and reduce the economic cost, in addition, the coal slurry dried by the dryer is supplied to the cement plant as raw material, which also greatly improves the performance of cement.