How about the triple supply of air energy? Is the triple supply of air energy the more functions the better?

  After years of development, air energy triple supply has gradually extended from the field of hot water and heating to the field of drying, and there are more and more products, including single heating, heating and cooling, and integrated heating, hot water and cooling. of three products. Therefore, the role of air energy triple supply is the biggest, but not the best?

But in fact, it’s not. At present, the air energy triple supply products on the market are not very mature. The more integrated the function, the higher the failure rate, and the user is not satisfied with it. In addition, using multiple functions at the same time is less effective. For example, users need heating and hot water in winter, which may result in substandard hot water supply. Hot water needs to be supplied during cooling in summer, which may also lead to a reduction in hot water supply. Taking air conditioners as an example, single-refrigeration air conditioners are definitely more energy-efficient than dual-purpose air conditioners.

At present, the air energy heat pump is relatively mature, which integrates heating, cooling, heating and hot water. Compared with air conditioners, air energy heat pump heating can use the end of floor heating, that is, the heating method of “warm feet and cool top”, which does not produce the feeling of hot air and is much more comfortable than air conditioners. In terms of cooling, the air energy heat pump is a water cycle, and the outlet air temperature is closer to the natural wind, unlike traditional air conditioners, which blow very cold wind, and will not take away the humidity in the room, so it is not easy to cause air conditioning diseases.

In terms of hot water, air-energy heat pumps have good energy-saving effects, especially in southern regions with higher temperatures. Since the air energy heat pump mainly absorbs the heat in the air for heating, it consumes very little electricity, because it is favored by hotels, guesthouses, bathing centers and schools.

Of course, the triple supply of air and energy isn’t easy to use now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be easy to use in the future. With the development of technology, the drawbacks of the triple supply of air and energy will definitely be solved one by one.