Precautions for using the fan of the dryer

The dryer needs to use a fan during the normal drying process, so some things need to be noted when the drying equipment uses the fan. It can help us increase the power output value and ensure safe production of the drying equipment.

In practice, there are several method for selecting the fan of the dryer. The following is the situation which the selection may be involved:

1.For the existing drying equipment system, due to the requirements of increasing productionand other factors, it is necessary to confirm the fan transformation plan: generally, it is required to confirm the range of air volume changes based on the actual production requirements;

2.when choosing a suitable fan model for the new drying project: it mainly depends onthe production capacity and resistance of the drying equipment systemto confirm the mass flow rate and total-head pressure of the fan. For a single induced draft fan system, it should be ensured that the total-head pressure of the fan is greater than the resistance system.

When selecting a fan, in order to maximize the output of the fan, it is generally based on the fan curve to confirm which model of fan can satisfy the operating conditions required by the drying equipment system.

3.when the air temperature changes,the motor might beoverloaded or even be burned when it is severe.