How much do you know about air energy heat pumps

1. Origin of air energy heat pump

The air energy heat pump is an imported product, which is called a heat pump abroad. In 1824, the French scientist Carnot proposed the Carnot cycle theory, which laid the theoretical foundation for the invention of the heat pump. In 1850, British scientist Kelvin proposed based on Carnot’s theory that refrigeration devices can be used for heating. Since then, for more than half a century, countless scientists have conducted research on heat pumps.

Since the 21st century, in addition to the continuous development of applications, the technology of heat pumps has also been greatly developed, and has gradually become one of the most promising and valuable new energy sources.

Air, which is inexhaustible and inexhaustible, can be seen everywhere. Naturally, it becomes the first choice for low-level heat sources that can be utilized by heat pumps. Air energy heat pump technology started relatively late in China, and initially appeared mainly in the form of water heaters.

2. Air energy heat pump cooling and heating

Nowadays, whether it is cooling in summer or heating in winter, air-source heat pumps have been widely used in various fields, so why choose air-source heat pumps? What kind of charm does it have? First of all, after more than ten years of development, the technology of air energy heat pumps has gradually matured. The problems of defrosting and temperature difference have also been well solved, forming a complete technical system, which is perfect from production to installation to later operation, so It can fully meet the needs of residential users, commercial buildings, and many other buildings. Not only can it be cooled in summer and heated in winter, but it also can be matched with various terminals to achieve different functions.

Because the summertime is relatively long and the temperature is relatively high in the southern region, air-energy water heaters are often used with “central heating + cooling” machines to meet the needs of central heating in winter and cooling in summer.

3. Air can dry

The shortage of traditional drying has made the air source heat pump popularized. At present, in many areas, air energy heat pump dryers have been put into use in large quantities to dry agricultural and sideline products such as noodles and peppers, sausages, bacon, tobacco leaves, dried fruits, and so on. The heat pump dryer does not produce pollution and has higher drying efficiency. It has already occupied a place in the drying market and has a promising future.

With the continuous strengthening of people’s awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of living standards, it is believed that air energy heat pumps will enter thousands of households in the near future and lead the new fashion of intelligent homes.