Shuntec Air energy heat pump heating system manufacturer

Air energy heat pump heating system manufacturer, Shuntec air energy involves air energy heat pump hot water, heat pump heating, heat pump drying unit, phase change energy storage (heat storage/cooling) nano new material technology and product application, and other new energy and energy saving fields. Shuntec is a national high-tech enterprise, and it is also one of the earliest professional manufacturers engaged in the customization of cooling and heating equipment in China, and a comprehensive solution provider for the application of heat pump energy-saving technology in the field of industry and agriculture.

Shuntec respects the spirit of craftsmanship focuses on every detail, and casts “user experience”

At present, air energy heat pumps have become the main heating equipment for the “coal-to-electricity” transformation in the north, and have been widely used in “coal-to-electricity” projects in Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Henan, Shandong, Shaanxi, Tianjin, Northeast China, and many other places. Because the air energy heat pump uses the heat in the air as the main energy source, it has the advantages of comfort, simple installation, and energy saving. It is the hot water equipment favored by schools, hotels, guesthouses, factories, swimming pools, fitness centers, and other places.

Air source heat pump: It is a kind of temperature adjustment equipment that uses the working principle of compression refrigeration cycle to produce (hot) wind or cold (hot) water with ambient air as the cold (heat) source. It is characterized by comfortable energy saving, stable operation, and long service life. Long, heating in winter and cooling in summer, high one-time investment cost, the moderate operating cost in the later period, suitable for residential heating and commercial heating + hot water service.