How much does a heat pump dryer for paulownia cost?

The heat pump dryer for Paulownia is equipment that utilizes air heat in the outside world to dry paulownia. It does not need to burn materials to provide heat to the dryer, in the drying process, the dryer utilizes a small amount of electricity to drive the drying equipment to run, in the drying process, one degree of electricity can produce 4 degrees of electricity heat source.

The price of the device

The price of the device depends on what your configuration is. Different equipment consumes different heat energy. If you do not know which type of drying machine you want to choose, you can tell us what kind of materials you want to dry, then we will help you calculate the heat energy and then find a perfectly matched dryer for you.

How paulownia is dried

(1) Selection of materials and varieties

The different wood sizes will lead to different drying results. The water content is high if the sawn timber is thick, and vice versa. Different wood varieties will also lead to different results, in general, softwood is easy to dry, and hardwood is difficult to dry, therefore, it is better to choose the same variety or similar varieties of woods to dry together, that will avoid a large difference in the water content of the dried wood.

(2) Loading materials

No matter which kind of drying equipment, or which method for loading materials, it always needs to unify the spacer of the wood in order to realize uniform ventilation of the indoor materials. If the forklift is used to load the material, the specifications of each small unit should be unified. The stacking of small units should not only ensure the air can uniformly flow through each layer of the plate surface, but also consider setting a reasonable channel between the small units so that they can fully exchange heat.

(3) Formulate a drying benchmark table

In order to achieve high-quality drying effects, minimize economic input, and produce economic benefits, wood drying enterprises should develop a drying benchmark table, which is also known as drying operating procedures and key points.

The paulownia drying process is as follows:

As the moisture content of paulownia is high, a drying process with low temperature and higher humidity is adopted. When the Paulownia moisture content is 30%, it is a critical period for drying gently. When the moisture content of the different types of woods varies greatly, a balanced treatment should be carried out. If there is no information about the moisture content of wood, the drying process can only be carried out empirically. Due to the wide variety of woods and the complexity of their properties, drying woods only depends on past experience is not advisable.